Month: August 2017

Caledonian Thistle

Is it just me or does everyone's body during the the first k or mile seem to say " your going to try and do how many of these ?" It feels impossible to run but then as you settle into it, a rhythm develops and you start ticking off or counting down K's or Miles . For me this is made easier with something to look at, listen to or distract you from actually running. I like to watch the trail, the clouds, the trees. This holiday it's been the water ( something I don't get at home and I've loved it). Today's water was the Caledonian canal and banked by my one of my favourite trees the Rowan I was easily distracted. I will miss the water.

Shore bay run

Pushing the run buggy on more than a few short sharp climbs gave me few maximum heart rate moments today. Weird thing is I quite enjoyed trying to bring it down whilst still running uphill pushing the Thule buggy. The scenery was once again stunning. with the incredable Bens and Loch's all around to inspire.

Sunny Intervals Strapether run

The rain in the night was almost welcome. The pitter patter on the motor home roof. It signals something easier, a break or repute from the treadmill. Except it's not a treadmill any more. Treadmill implys a trudge or a steady grind. But let's face it life ain't like that. It's a full on never ending sprint. I needed a break.

My first 10k for a while and what it lacked in pace was more than made up by the scenery more pitter patter please.