Month: March 2017

After school

After spending the afternoon observing some of our Bikeability level 2 training at The Holy Trinity school in Burton upon Trent, I just had time for quick run (time not pace) before heading home. 

So it was that I found my self following the Trent.  I don’t often get to run along rivers, the odd brook or stream but not rivers. 

I thought back on the day and there were two stand out moments. 

The first was as the instructors were debriefing the children and asked “How many of you think you will ride into school in the future ?” A little boy who throughout the course obviously felt some pressure and was really trying on each outcome put his hand up. He then said ” My mum told me if I passed today I can ride into school during summer and year 6″ the beaming smile telling you just how happy he was with his pass and new found freedom. An awesome moment for me, him and the other instructors.

The second was on the playground. The school is trapped between an industrial estate and the town centre loop road. A Concrete jumble with light to heavy industry and all the hallmarks that accompany it like the smells and lack of fresh air and greenery. Yet in the corner of the school playground in a 12 x 8 foot space was a wildlife garden. Three trees, log piles, heather, insect houses and bird feeders. It was a sanctuary. Just as the school was. A community centre, a learning centre and a sanctuary. 

Then in an instant I was putting my back to river and returning to the school, my run over. 

Busy return

paired-riding-through-lightsBusy week back with end of month For CTL and Velo, with assemblies, finishing off Staffordshire Framework Tender, looking forward to two external assurance visits and  what looks like a really exciting Bike demo day for Velo. Oh yeah and throwing up for twelve hours after catching a bug from little Jacob who had the same thing early in the week !

Now I’m looking forward to some (instant) recovery, some solid training blocks and visiting all our instructors over spring and helping do what we do best, inspiring active travel. We’ve some great projects coming up in schools were students of all ages get to build condfidence and learn about the benefits of regular active travel.

The inserted photo shows some paired riding where instructors trail the students giving instructions and confidence whilst allowing the student to make their own decisions.