Month: February 2017

Go Run-Ride Cannock Chase

A 12 mile mountain bike race at Cannock Chase, an ideal Triathlon Training opportunity? Absolutely! The puddles were so deep I was forced to swim part of the 3 mile lap (1st discipline, tick) but I did manage to ride, and slide my bike around most of the course (2nd discipline) and the mud was so thick that even I was forced to run part of the race (3rd discipline).

So there you go, always think outside of the box when setting out to achieve your goals, as this was one heck of a work out, but so much fun! If you get a chance, give it a go, categories are out there for all to try, and above all, keep smiling…



Snip and Snuffle

After a fairly decent start to the year Ive now hit a slow patch in the last fortnight. This is following a minor bit of surgery (ouch) and then a heavy cold. This and a shed load of administrative work that ties you to a desk I could do with out.

Fortunately Ive managed to get one decent Velo TNR and one run in between the two down times. But now Im dreading the first run but I am looking forward to getting some consistency back.


Hopefully next week Ill be running somewhere warm ….