Month: January 2017

Being average is your sure fire way to improve.


As the sun comes up on us all mid January how many of us are sticking to our new year training plans with some far off  mid summer ride or event being the target.

This week Cycling Weekly told us to forget about marginal gains but to focus on the simple lose weight/build strength/put in the miles type of training.

Heres my tip on getting better, be the worst in a group. Its the quickest way of getting better.

“You’re better being the worst in the class, than the best.”

Let the group pull you up to their level. It won’t take long, believe me, Ive been there a few times and Im doing it again right now.

They won’t mind either in fact they will enjoy seeing you improve and hopefully get better than them. Because in doing so it pulls the whole group up.

So go ahead join a new group, try something different, SMM Long Sundays, beginners Thursdays, the Velo Tnr or Saturday shop rides, Maybe even the Thursday chain gangs or or well the list is endless.

You will try something new & pick up some tips, gain encouragement and wisdom from others, who are hopefully better than you. you will be pushed harder and further and not have limit set by just yourself. Its why your Training Circle is so important.

Because remember:

“You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.”