Month: September 2016

European City of Sport Triathlon Trentham 2016

September 11th 2016 and I begin my taper for my final Triathlon of the 2016 season. This is also the day I fly out to Mallorca with my family for a nice relaxing holiday. Actually it was the perfect training camp, pool outside the room for early morning laps, a cycle hire shop down the road, and they let us take the double running buggy on the plane for pre-breakfast runs.

I had seen that the start list was available before we went away but I didn’t look as I thought it wasn’t close enough to the event to start feeling nervous just yet.

On returning to the UK I noticed that the weather was as per. as we sailed our car into the drive. Some nice fresh water in Trentham Lake might be a good thing, apart from the temperature.

Race morning arrived. I haven’t done enough training, I’ve drunk too swim_sprint_men_stoke-on-trent_triathlon-10much, not eaten enough, oh no actually I’ve eaten too much and GO!!!! Oh we’re off …the start of the swim was a bit of a shock as I couldn’t feel any part of my body but I managed to make freestyle motions with my arms as the rest of the field few off into the distance. Half way through the swim though I started to make up places like no tomorrow and exited in a strong 5th place. This was the first Triathlon I’d done where you needed to don your shoes to get to T1, so on with the NB Prisms it was and I start the 600m sprint to my bike, half way there and I get cramp in my left hamstring. I stopped and stretch it and I could hear Sam shouting at me to get a move on, and I did, although to be honest I thought my race had ended right there despite my ‘flying feet’ along the pontoon.
On the bike and I was soon doing 30mph towards Stone and  I’d forgotten all about my hamstring and I begin to overtake absolutely everybody on the road. After a few races it’s so easy to ride in a naturally aero position on my Argon 18, while still being able to put out all the power I have. I knew that some of the competitors were in other races but I was sure I’d overtaken some in my race, and I arrived at T2 without once being overtaken on the bike.

TRANSITION Stoke-on-Trent TriathlonBIKE Stoke-on-Trent Triathlon





Out on the run I made anyone on the course a target Stoke-on-Trent Triathlonto drag me along, the tough uphill start out of T2 which then catapulted me into a nice downhill towards the Lake for the off-road 5k. Running around the Gardens in the sunshine at full speed was amazing, as I negotiated my still flying feet around the gravel paths.

I caught the lead out bike and runner in the Olympic distance race and we crossed the line together and the commentator shouted out that I was in 2nd position, I was over the moon. I was even more over the moon when Sam told me the commentator had corrected himself after I crossed the line and said that I was in-fact in first position. What an end to a most enjoyable season of training and racing! Even tanned up nicely for the podium where I received a splendid piece of Moorcroft Pottery – Perfect.

Stoke-on-Trent Triathlon


I’m now looking forward to a good winter of training, starting next week with a Cross-Country race at Winsford, and a spot of Mountain Biking. Bring on the mud!





faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

synonyms: loyalty, allegiance, obedience, constancy, fealty, homage;


the fact of someone or something not succeeding.

A few Sundays I found my self in church, this on its own some you may find surprising, either way I’m sat listening to the sermon and it got me thinking of my cycling and running.

During the sermon the Priest talked about how all of us should demonstrate Fidelity in our everyday lives, be it in  a faithfulness to family life, work, or with each other and that this in turn may mean we sacrifice things we rather be doing.

This is something I can relate too and I m sure many of you can also.

What I do know now is that it is this fidelity that has given me so much back. Sacrificing the odd ride to spend time with my family has brought me so many happy memories and likewise missing the odd TV program or dropping the booze for a while so that I can run or ride instead has again paid dividends and made me a happier person.


And so we move into Autumn Im trying to to reinvigorate my riding and running.  To reach my goals but not at the cost of other things in my life. Who’d have thought Id have reinvigorated my cycling and running from a church pew.


New Balance Vazee Pace review – 220 Mag

New Balance revitalised their whole range in 2015, and the Vazee Pace is their latest neutral race shoe. Weighing in at 270g, it features a low 6mm heel-to-toe drop yet they proved quite supportive. The next thing to mention is the supreme comfort. New Balance refer to it as a ‘bootie’ construction, and the shoe does indeed slip on like a dream.

new baance vazeepace

The REVlite midsole foam provides a stable ride, and feels firm in the transition from mid to forefoot for fast turnover. They’re not the lightest, but because of the extra cushioning we’d suggest the Vazee Pace would be a good mid/forefoot striker’s marathon or Ironman race shoe, providing you’re an experienced runner. We also think the Vazee Pace is easily the easiest on the eye here. A quality shoe all round.

Verdict: The most comfortable shoe on test and a fast, responsive ride 89% (220 Editor’s choice)