Month: August 2016

Blithfield Triathlon 2016

In the water at 7:50am for an 8am start. Why did I enter this race again, because I love triathlon, and today I’d be racing my new Argon 18 E117 Time Trial bike, which made me even more excited to get to the start line! I arrived at Blithfield, signed on and was warmed up by  7:30am, I felt good. Over to the race briefing and then swim start and the water was the calmest I’ve seen it in a good while. It was the first time I’ve had the chance to jump into the reservoir too (I usually have to skate down a algae covered slipway) so I went for it, and couldn’t believe how warm it was! I had a paddle around for a few minutes and picked my start position, out of the way and in direct line of the first buoy. I was right about the line, but it wasn’t out the the way, but I got into a nice rhythm and exited in a good position, up on my previous race, and sprinted to my bike in T1. I don’t know if I’d swam or sprinted to my bike too quickly but I felt a bit queasy when I got to my bike …I don’t remember swallowing any fish on the swim! I set off on the bike leg and the Argon 18 felt great. The guys at The Velo Store have done a great job in setting the bike up for me, spending time in the shop and getting videos of my position to help me chose between the many positions that the excellent PRO 3T Aero bars have to offer. I started to pick people off who had exited the swim before me. The route takes in the road which traverses the dam wall before heading off along more scenic Staffordshire lanes,  a stunning bike course. This was the first race I have done on the Argon 18 and it went through the gears perfectly, the Pro Logo saddle proving supportive and comfortable even in the aero position. This along with my new Pro Vision Tri-Suit comfortably catapulted me into T2 with a reassuring whir coming from my super fast Token Aero wheels. Out on the run I was able to pick up a few more places with the help of my super fast New Balance Vazee Prisms getting me to the run finish in just over 18:40 for the 5k. I was just out of the top 10 this time finishing in 12th which I was happy with considering how I felt on entering T1. I now look forward to testing out my new bike at some Club Time Trials, competing in local running races and diving back into Blithfield reservoir as part of my training for Trentham Triathlon in September. Hope to see you there! SiSwimBikeBike2Run Finish