Month: July 2016

Indian Summer Run

Here at Velo plans are now well under way for our FREE Celebration of Summer running event. Set in September with the near onset of Autumn and all the running brilliance that brings.  It’s hopefully going to be an annual event just as the school summer holidays end and muscles are recovered from a long summer of run’s in the sun / rain.IMG_0588l the

So far we have New Balance, Nathan, Petzl , La Sportive, Torq energy gels, Tiger tail all coming along with demo products that will be available during the day as well as during the three runs on the evening.

The three routes are 5K, 10k and 15K all lead by Velo staff and all at happy pace i.e. what ever pace your happy at. There will be mustering through out all runs.

We also have Stone Brewery supplying a bar with a free beer for all runners and Molto Gusto again supplying free Pizza to the runners.

Places are free but you need to reserve your spot by booking a ticket here

Velo’s Indian Summer Run – Tickets


See you there.






Being More Bailey

I never used to do events but a while a go I saw a kid on breakfast TV called Bailey. Bailey was a kid who was making the most of opportunities despite having Cerebral Palsy. I realised that I was letting opportunities pass me by and that at 42 I’d let quite a few pass.

And so it was that entered the Stafford Half Marathon, which was then quickly followed by the potters half marathon ( which was anything but quick).  About the same time I  entered the Jenson Button (be more Bailey) Triathlon.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 20.50.45

Well early last Sunday  morning with 3 Children and Sarah we all set off for Derby for me to take part in it.

I won’t bore you with the details ( I’ll save that for a ride) but the swim was I feared most. It wasn’t far but I hadn’t practised AT ALL. Needless to say it all went swimmingly everyone and I mean everyone was really nice, helpful and just it seemed happy to be there.

The above photo shows me just a little bit more than a wee bit knackered, and yep carrying a bit too much weight , but if you look really hard you can see a smile. And Im smiling because I did it and Im going to keep on  doing it and making the most of the opportunities that pop up. You never know I might just lose bit of weight in the process. Thanks Bailey.

Trentham Anyone !!



Boundary Triathlon 2016

Well, seeing as we are now in the depths of British Summertime(?) I thought I’d do my first Triathlon for Velo/Stone Runner. When I was picking  race I wanted it to be an open water swim, not because my wetsuit would help with the pace but believe it or not swimming in the open water is glorious. With this in mind I chose the Boundary Breeze Triathlon. The race consisted of a 750m swim, 23k bike ride and a 5k run, perfect.

On receiving the race pack last week, I discovered it was a North West Regional Triathlon Championship race so there would be no opportunity to take it easy!

It was a balmy 18C in the lake today too after all of the recent hot and sunny weather… this meant that wetsuits were optional, I decided to wear mine, as I’m used to swimming the open water in it in training. I could count about 5 people that didn’t …braver than me.

The start horn sounded and off we went. As always the start of a triathlon swim is a bit fraught, especially when you get grouped with the ‘fast boys’ (yes boys not buoys – big bright and yellow they were) but I got into my rhythm after the first 200m and even started to make up a few places. Exiting the swim I’m always quick to get the suit off as it’s easier to do when full of water…

Boundary Breeze Swim - 2016

I exited Transition 1 (T1) and immediately felt good on the bike. Somebody heckled at me in T1 that I would have to catch their teammate who they were supporting from Manchester Tri Club as he had seemingly had a better transition than me. 200m past the bike mount line and I’d overtaken him fighting with elastic bands and shoes that wouldn’t sit right on the pedals for him. Quite satisfying.

I picked my way through the field and was only overtaken once on the bike, my Velo/Pro Vision Tri Suit providing comfortable and fast cover, and my bike excellently tuned by the Velo Store mechanics which ran perfectly throughout the race seeing me into T2 at an average of over 24.5mph.

Boudary Breeze 2016-Bike

I entered T2 after putting a big effort in on the bike but hoping that my recent run form would help me to the end of the race. Again the first time running in my Velo/Pro Vision Tri suit and it was comfortable and unnoticeable really, just how it should be. After doing the Shugborough Club relays on Wednesday night I was hoping that my legs would be run fresh and they were, I picked up another couple of places on the run, and my New Balance Vazee Prisms just get better each time I wear them, so light but yet so supportive, they are fast becoming my favourite in my shoe cupboard, seeing me through the run and to the finish at under 6 minute mile pace. I was tired but still smiling at the end after shaking the hands of my competitors, and so happy to be back doing my favourite sport.

Boundary Breeze 2016 - Run

Following the finish, there was an excellent Organic ‘Refreshments Bar’ providing a nice selection of healthy pasta, soup and hot drinks. Oh yes, and organic bacon and sausages and even a choice of duck eggs. Another reason to do triathlon?

Organic Burger Bar

Following the prize giving I asked the organiser if I could take a look at the results. They said yes but we only have up to position 6 printed out, and I was happy to say I think I have just made it into that first 6. Over the moon more like.

Results-just scraped on

One last photo (sorry)… Following the Stone 10k road race which I ran recently the photographer got a shot which saw my New Balance shoe feature but no other part of me, and today was no exception again the photographer getting a ‘where am I’ shot as I made my way past another competitor. That shoe strap must have cost me some time!

Boundary Breeze Bike-Where am I

Boudary Breeze 2016-Bike

Link to the official results:

Official Results

Looking forward to my next race at Blithfield on the 31st July.