Month: June 2016

Jenson Button ain’t worried. Yet.


So Ive just over two weeks to go until the Jenson Button Triathlon. It  will be my first Tri and my prep you could of say is a little bit lacking ( JT and Hollins would be having cold sweats and palpations).

Ill break it down in to three Elements


So I haven’t swam since Easter, and that was in a 15 metre hotel pool. That was the first time since well possibly last summer. I have been the hot tub a few times though and this morning I ordered a wet suit though. How much trouble rating : A lot.


I have a bike, but haven’t really put in any decent milage, or any really since a few months before my son Jacob was born. However its just like riding a bike right ?

How much trouble am i in : will hold my own here.


Ive not ran since my 17 mile half Potters Arf marathon fiasco ( I was going to run tonight but wine got in the way). So between now and then I plan to try out my new Tri suit and  cycle commute to Velo on the Argon  before then donning the New Balance  V860V6 and   putting in a 10 k before work. Im actually looking forward to this bit !

So Ive never swam in my wet suit (or in a lake for that matter) but Ill try to get at least one of these in.

Ive never swam and then ridden a bike.

Come to think of it Ive never swam ridden a bike and then gone for a run.

So whats my strategy ?

To get through the swim, refuel and gather on the bike, enjoy and and make make back a few places on the run.

And goals I hear you ask ?

1.First is to have Fun.

2.Second is not to come last.

However if I have fun and come last Ill take it. But if I have fun don’t come last and  all think “do you know what I might just do this again”. Then I’ll take that as a massive victory and enter the Trentham Tri in September !!







Back in the Saddle

Its been four months and more since Ive made it to a Velo Tuesday night ride (#veloTNR) following the arrival of our little Jacob, but tonight see’s me making my back.

Im not to worried about fitness, its social and Ive kept it going with running, but its amazing how you lose your tech ability or rather you don’t lose it, its just not instinctive.

So drops that you just used to drop or single track you used to rail now requires thought and I find I have to rethink each each technical aspect of my riding that before just happened.

I can’t wait.


Potters Arf


IMG_0441A Half a marathon is a funny thing, Id persuaded my self in the weeks leading up to it, that 13.1 miles isn’t very far really. This was because in the weeks leading up to it Id done no running what so ever. So to overcome my lack of preparation I decided it wasn’t far and that Id be fine as prior to my fortnights lay off Id stuck pretty well to my 25 miles a week.

I was wrong, 13.1 miles is a long way.

They say you learn a lot about yourself when your finding it tough, well heres what I learnt.

Take a jacket and a bag to the start, use the baggage storage facility especially if its raining. I did neither.

When the organiser says get to the start an hour before, have a plan what to do during this hour other than get cold.

Don’t skip training, miss one session or two but training even a little will count.

Stoke on Trent is hilly.

Use the baggage storage ( yes again ) I lost my van key at mile 8ish realised at mile 11 and after running back for it my half turned into 17 miles.

If you don’t feel good back off. Your probably not going to run through it, go a for a steady pace you can maintain to the end and then if you got something left push for the last two miles.

And heres the other thing I learnt , despite how bad I felt, I could run further than I thought. I didn’t think at mile 7 I was going to get round the 13 but ended up running 17. Im not a quitter.

And the last thing I discovered about my self,

I love a good banister.