Month: January 2016

Product review La Sportiva HELIOS SR

Just had these babies dropped off by Nils from Lyon Equipment and out of the box Im pretty excited about hitting the trails in them over the next few weeks. Those of you that know me will testify to my love Italian bikes, well I think Im going to be the same about these Italian trail shoes.  Building on their climbing heritage, La Sportive have used all  knowledge of rubber and the surfaces they need to work in and on and oh yeah these are pretty jazzy.


They are the super much loved and mega light Helios SR with an inner type upper sock fit to ensure comfort and secure fit. Im going to be using on the local towpaths, the downs and the Churnet over the next few weeks and  will hopefully get back to you here and let you know how Ive got on with them and if and when we will be stocking them. In the mean time heres the tech spec.

WEIGHT: 8.1 oz / 230 g

LAST: Tempo 2

FIT: Medium/ Wide

UPPER: HyDrain Mesh/ Wicking EVA AirMesh /Poly Grid™ / TPU Lacing Harness

LINING: Wicking EVA AirMesh (heel only)

MIDSOLE: MorphoDynamic™ Injection Molded EVA/ Endurance platform EVA insert

DROP (MM): 2mm


SOLE: FriXion® AT/ VA Wave

SIZES: 36 – 47.5 (half sizes)

COLOR: Black/Yellow


Mud slush and Blue sky

Had a great run today on day three of a three day running streak. Legs were achy and knowing I’d struggle later in the day I opted for a late lunch run from work. 

And so it was on to Pire Hill lane dodging puddles and small stepping through slush. The air was cold and fresh the sun was out and the sky was blue.

The track run along side the M6 for a while with just a field or two and some nonjelant sheep between my lane and the six lanes of traffic. Peculiarly I drew motivation from here revelling in my freedom compared to theirs skipping through and icy puddles and slipping in slush and mud. 

And then I’m back rooting through the industrial estate and back at the store. 

I’m liking my  Friday lunch.

A Thursday In Jan

Its a cold ❄️ morning with the CTL team out training in Staffordshire. Steve H and Sarah H are delivering a Level 2 session while Charlotte works with three less confident riders and Richards one and two are classroom based delivering Bikeability plus – On Show- research and presentation material with year 5. I’m down here filming and despite the dusting of snow early on and the cold winds everyone is having loads of fun learning not only about bikeability but PGCE English maths and some vital life skills as well.

Its amazing the work were doing at the moment and am sure we are reversing the trend of inactivity amongst the groups we are working with. Its pretty good for me as well, a day out training in terms of movement and steps is the same as a three mile run. It hits home to me just how bad sitting at desk all day is for me. The health hits from being outdoors and walking round re huge and has made more determined to change our office or at least my space more active. And to lead a team of people who change the culture of cant, to can and do.


Im in to my second change of clothes for the day now and after grabbing a quick coffee, head in to a meeting at Staffs county looking at future work and how its accessed. There are few old friends there to catch up with, a few friendly rivals Ive not yet before, but its nice to put a face to the name and catch up. Theres one guy who isn’t to my liking and everywhere he goes causes problems. I hadn’t seen him for some time and was pleased when I noticed just how out of shape he’d become and that he was pretty isolated from everyone else at the meeting. It made me feel better seeing that I still had friends to rely on.

Meeting over and Im back at Velo and CTL, loading up the van with scooters tools and bikes for my sessions of BIkeability fix, on show and Scooterbility next week, a catch up with Tom and then the Velo 6@6 run (third change of clothes). 8 very cold and chilly miles run and its back its back home for tea and some much needed family time.