Month: December 2015

We Walk among you

We Walk Amongst You.

Im not like you, my tribe is different, I don’t look out of windows on trains bored, I stare out imagining myself disappearing up that faint ribbon of dirt that ambles through fields and across hills.
I pretend to listen to your chat about jungles, celebrities dancing finals. Your e-bay bargains and Black Fridays deals hold little value with me as I try to look engaged during your meetings about room rates, KPI’s or budgets and crap but don’t be fooled, Im not.

You see Our tribe moves to different beat. Im interested in weather, times, pace, grip, elevation, and resting heart rates.

I love the smell of weather, the feel of rain and the taste salt and puddles mixed together at the top of heart ripping climb or arm pumping decent. KOMS and PRs’s

Look closer and the signs are there, you just need to know them. We know them and give each others small nods of kindred appreciation for efforts of joy and suffering.
The weird tan lines and shaved legs. mud behind the ear, 1:25,000 maps in office draws and glove boxes. Spare socks and pants in brief case’s and weird lubes for chafing in our bathrooms. Lights and GPS plugged into PCs , laptops and macs. Clothes drying on radiators and baby wipes keep in the office loos. We each have our sects for our tribe but the giveaway signs are always there. Our long suffering partners lets us have training runs or ride’s to in laws, and know that whilst we are brushing our teeth we will doing so stood on one leg on our tiptoes whilst eyes closed trying to balance. And we  all to often o being seen eating our lunch sarnie at the desk before 11.30.
We are in your family , your workplace, bars and restaurants. We walk among you.
Join us.

Stop being an Idiot.

Why can’t people just be nice ?

This week a club member posted about going for Friday ride and with in a few hours he received nearly a dozen negative comments on his being off on Friday, so much so that he felt he had to defend his working pattern and life choices. Something he shouldn’t feel the need the to do.

We have a tendency to measure ourselves on hours and being busy not output and besides even if he wasn’t putting in the hours or achieving the output, its FA to do with us or anyone.

Im a bit tired of the negative comments on any FB?twitter / Instagram post. comparing your PB with mine, milage against someone else. Do you measure quality time with wives and children in the same way ? How many of you would even know how to rate a PR with a sibling parent or child ? Oh yeah and if you haven’t the courage to say it to my face, don’t get some stick man called “Bill” to do it for you.

Enjoy your run / ride but remember thats all they are Yours and they are only that – your run or ride. They cure a lot of ills but don’t let them be the cause of them either.