Month: November 2015

T0 Infinity and Beyond ( all be it in small incremental steps)

The power of the Commute


Its just thirteen miles. Theres no major hills but its a little bit lumpy. Most of my commute is on country lanes with high hedges and pretty good views. for 11 of the miles I usually see around four cars and a few tractors. Hold ups normally come in the form of cows crossing or stopping to look at something. Door to door I d say its about 45 to 50 mins.

Its by far my favourite bike ride, maybe because its going somewhere, or because its not training. maybe because its free bike miles that doesn’t eat to much into other time else where.

And do you know something, Ive neglected it. Ive got lazy and comfortable. its to easy to get in the car or to let something else stop me doing it, uncharged lights, needing to carry a file, the start of a cold. You see Cycle commuting is tough, you do it when your tired and cold.  When its raining and dark. At the start and the end of the day. If you don’t believe me try it. Its a lot easier not to and it is to commute by Bike.

Well no more, from now on Im prepping up and getting at least two a week. You see I need it and it needs me. All hail the Cycle Commuter, the true hard men and women of Cycling.

Getting excited


Im a little pre-occupied these days on my rides and runs. You see I am going to be a Dad again in February. Not that Id stopped being a Dad, but my role has changed somewhat form when my two daughters, who are now 15 and (soon to be) 13, were babes in arms. So I reckon February may come as bit of shock.

And I guess Ive changed, I am little better off, Ive got more than just the odd grey hair and I ache a little longer than I used to.  Im also 43.

Will this journey be different ? Probably, Id like to think Im a little bit more chilled and worldly wise. I hoping that I can still be a great Dad to all three of my children and that the age gaps are a bonus not an obstacle.

We are still planning on skiing riding running and swimming, with holidays in the motor home, eating in cafe’s and at the same time making new friends to share new experiences with.

The other thing I think Ive learnt “its not about the bike”, its definitely about the journey. And this is one I and the rest of our family just can’t wait for.