Month: September 2015

I don’t Train !

I don’t train, I now know that Im unlikely to get picked for team Sky and that my chances of riding in the Tour have probably passed. I no longer have visions of me kicking Mo farah’s ass or looking backwards as I sprint up an Alpine pass with Froome shaking in his head in fear.  I now do something far better than training,  I just have fun.

Sure I wanna get fitter, faster, be better than my peers and buddies, but most of the time that isn’t enough to motivate me out of the door. I want to move through a landscape and be part of it. I like the wind, rain, salt off the road. I love badgers running from my mountain bike lights and Herons flying away as I approach. Its an escape time were work or studying isn’t their with you,  its just you and sometimes a few friends just being.

IMG_4163I don’t believe that we were made to sit inside things. We were made to run jump swim after or away from stuff. Its a primitive instinct that we haven’t lost. Its some where inside each and everyone of us. So tomorrow’s training run isn’t going to happen, as I am just going out to enjoy myself.

Six AM is never easy

As the alarm goes I curse my self for coming up with the idea of a store Breakfast run. Sarah (my wife curses me as well, before pulling the duvet up tighter and mumbling tea.

With Tea made and Kids woken for school next in line is the dog walk ( they never seem to mind six o clock in the morning before grabbing last nights prepared kit bag and breakfast, kissing my good buys, and then into the vanIMG_3779 for the twelve mile drive in to the Store.

Lights on doors open and lunch store in the fridge I just have chance to change shoes and rub oil in to tired legs before 7.30 rocks up and time for off.

The runs are fairly new and it would appear the 7.30 7.5K is the least popular, as its only me turned out. Can’t blame them really as its bloody early on Wednesday. The thing is we never really want to do a lot of things just before we do them. yep sure the idea of running, getting fitter sounds great in fuzzy great idea kind of way. But as it gets to doing bit the day or the hours leading upto it, all that good intention can go, right up to the point of actually doing it it gets a lot harder with a lot more reasons to not do it than do it.IMG_3968

But the actual doing is ace, yep sure it hurts sometimes and occasionally your disappointed as you c
atch a glimpse of  your reflected image in a shop window as opposed to your imaginary self image. But once your out there the rain aint so bad, your earning your beer /wine/cakes/ chocolate, doing something for yourself (mind and body), and being in bed still dent even cross your mind after the first 100 yards.

So what was a bad idea at 6am slowly turns into into a great idea step by step. It’d be great if a few of you showed up on the run but you know what Im not fussed if no one ever comes on the 7.30 run as to be fair its pretty good as it is.